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Are Only Some Words of Scripture Breathed Out by God?

Excellent piece by Wayne Grudem here. HT: Jim Hamilton Advertisements

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Logic, Reason, and the Bible

Some Christians denounce the use of logic or reason when it comes to Scripture and theology. The truth is, however, these same folks use logic and reason when they come to the Scriptures and theology. It’s inescapable. Yet, somehow, the … Continue reading

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Thy Word is Truth?

Briefly stated, the doctrine of biblical inerrancy (from here on referred to as BI) is that the Scriptures as given by God Himself (God-breathed, inspired) are without error.  I am not here dealing with the transmission of the text, that … Continue reading

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Biblical Inerrancy: What’s the Debate All About?

My time is scarce at the moment, but I did want to highlight the standard statement on biblical inerrancy found here. Also, there is a helpful article in Themelios that looks at the history of the debate and the issues … Continue reading

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I plan on doing some posts on biblical inerrancy in the upcoming weeks, so to start things off I thought I’d link to an excellent blog post by Steve Hays over at Triablogue.  He makes some excellent points. Words of … Continue reading

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Art and Faith

Ever heard of Makoto Fujimura?  No? Well, surely you’ve heard of the KJV…..coming up on it’s 400th anniversary.  Check this out. 

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