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After the Meal 2: Thanksgiving and Atheism

Implicit in the term thanksgiving is the admission that there is someone to whom we are to be thankful.  The one who insists that there is no God really has no grounds for the concept, for to whom is the … Continue reading

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After the Meal: Some Afterthoughts on Thanksgiving

In the US, it is difficult, even for Christians, to properly take into consideration all of the things for which we should be thankful.  When all of our needs are met, or can be met with relative ease, this business … Continue reading

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Philosophy Football

Still makes me laugh, every time

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Art and Faith

Ever heard of Makoto Fujimura?  No? Well, surely you’ve heard of the KJV…..coming up on it’s 400th anniversary.  Check this out. 

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Still Can’t Believe It…

Well….I’m still in a state of shock.  I’ve followed this team since I was a kid, and I was really beginning to think I wouldn’t live to see the day when they won the World Series.  Not only did they … Continue reading

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