Rules of Engagement

1. General conduct becoming a person who professes to be a disciple of Christ is required.

2. If point #1 doesn’t apply to you, general courtesy and politeness is required.

3. Due to time constraints I have as a husband, father, Sunday School teacher, and having a full time job that requires extra time from me during certain parts of the year, I may have to refer you to other posts or blogs, or works from certain writers who discuss the issues at hand. I cannot re-invent the wheel. You should be familiar with the standards works in a particular area before you attempt to refute them.

4. If you expect me to defend my theological position, please be prepared to defend yours. If you don’t address points I have made, but only want to assert your conclusions, that is not a “good faith” discussion.

5. Try to be fair and accurate with the positions you oppose. Avoiding strawmen helps move things along…

6. Lastly, I don’t know everything. In fact, I know very little. I’m not a scholar or a theologian, nor am I a Pastor. If you dismantle my arguments in a debate, you really haven’t accomplished much. There are bigger fish for you to fry, trust me.


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