Still Can’t Believe It…

Well….I’m still in a state of shock.  I’ve followed this team since I was a kid, and I was really beginning to think I wouldn’t live to see the day when they won the World Series.  Not only did they win it, they dominated it.  They hit when they were supposed to hit, they threw strikes when they were supposed to, they shut down one of the most feared offenses in all of baseball.  Stellar pitching, timely hitting.  The last time they won it was before I was born (way before) when they were in NY, 1954.  In fact, my mother was 2 years old.  The only consolation I had was that at least my team wasn’t the Cubs or the Indians.

Now I can wear my Giants hat with pride, even though most people in NY think I mean the football Giants, or if I say San Francisco the 49ers immediately come to mind.  Some even say “Oh, San Francisco has a baseball team?” 🙂

No more shall that bother me….everything has changed now.

I feel like a Red Sox fan after 2004.  It’s almost surreal.  This must be the state known as “baseball euphoria”.  Don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming….


About C. M. Granger

I'm a firm believer in God's sovereignty, man's responsibility, and a gracious orthodoxy. I love the Puritans and the Reformers, but I don't believe our understanding of theology reached it's zenith in the 16th and 17th centuries. I love the Reformed Creeds and Confessions, but I'm not a strict confessionalist. I'm Reformed in my soteriology (I'm a moderate Calvinist), but not in the historical sense of the term (I'm a Baptist). Some of my favorite theologians/commentators are Kevin Vanhoozer, John Frame, D.A. Carson, Thomas Schreiner, Andreas Kostenberger, Peter O'Brien, David Peterson, Douglas Moo, and GK Beale. The list of dead theologians/commentators would be too long to list here. I think it's important to read widely, to read primary sources for yourself, and to accurately represent the positions of those whom you oppose. I believe it's imperative to have a proper balance between systematic and bibilical theology. I try to never make a round verse fit into the square hole of a theological system.
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